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2008 NFL Week 5

I’m still on the road (in fact, I’ll be above the road by kickoff unless the flight’s delayed), so no witty commentary or replays of last week. Besides, I think I blew chunks. No matter; it’s another week of NFL football, and there’s plays to be made.

Green Bay (+1.5) @ Seattle
Detroit @ Minnesota (-13)
Chicago (-3/under 43.5) @ Atlanta
Oakland @ New Orleans (-7/over 47)
Baltimore (+4) @ Indianapolis
Cincinnati @ NY Jets (-9.5)
Carolina (+1.5) @ Tampa Bay
Miami (+3) @ Houston
St. Louis @ Washington (-14)
Jacksonville (+3.5) @ Denver
Philadelphia (-5) @ San Francisco
Dallas @ Arizona (+5.5)
New England @ San Diego (-5)
NY Giants (-8) @ Cleveland


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2008 NFL Week 5

If at first you don’t succeed in busting .500 (29-29-2), try, try again (especially since I need an over/under sweep to snap the 3-4-1 slump I’m in). As always, the point spreads come from Bodog, and if you use these picks to gamble, you didn’t get them from me.

Atlanta (+3.5) @ Green Bay – The Packers have a serious problem stopping the run, and the Falcons have a serious running back.
Chicago (-3.5) @ Detroit – Meet the new GM, same bad players and coaches as the old GM.
Minnesota @ New Orleans (-3.5) – All the Saints have to do is stop the run, and they’ve managed to do that pretty effectively.
Indianapolis @ Houston (+3.5) – What’s with all these 3 1/2-point lines? There’s no place like home.
Tennessee @ Baltimore (+3) – The name of the game is defense. Take the under-33.5.
San Diego (-7) @ Miami – We knew that LT was a good-throwing running back, but who knew Ronnie Brown could throw? No matter; Miami can’t otherwise run, and San Diego knows how to stop trickery.
Kansas City @ Carolina (-10) – I hope you didn’t pick up Larry Johnson after last week’s performance.
Washington @ Philadelphia (-6.5) – There’s no respect for the Redskins. Of course, the return of Brian Westbrook may have something to do with that.
Seattle (+7.5) @ NY Giants – You may like the points, you may want the points, and if you’re scared, you’ll get the points…BUT YOU’RE NOT GONNA NEED ‘EM! There’s too many wideouts in Seahag Green.
Tampa Bay @ Denver (-3.5) – It’s the battle of ex-Al Davis employees. It’s all about the altitude.
New England (-3) @ San Francisco – Ask the Texans what happened to the last team to face the Pats after they lost to the Dolphins.
Buffalo (+1.5) @ Arizona – There’s nothing like playing the weakest division in the NFL to get one rolling.
Cincinnati @ Dallas (-17.5) – What we got here is a failure to communicate.
Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville (-6) – The Injury Discount has become a fire sale. Take the under-37.

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Dog eat dog Week 4

It was a dog day afternoon and evening last weekend.

Green Bay 21 (+1) @ Tampa Bay 30 – I should’ve gone with the Stat of the Week.
Minnesota 17 @ Tennessee 30 (-3) – Quote of the Week – “We still have a chance to go 4-12.” – Titans LB Keith Bulluck
Philadelphia 20 (-3) @ Chicago 24 – Who let the dogs out?
Denver 19 @ Kansas City 33 (+10) – I believe I said something about a lack of defense – 198 yards and 2 TDs for Bust-Of-2007 Larry Johnson.
Cleveland 20 @ Cincinnati 12 (-3.5) – And the BenGALS are that weak.
Houston 27 @ Jacksonville 30 (-7-LOSS) – Was I talking about Houston’s nightmare or my overtime nightmare?
Arizona 35 @ NY Jets 56 (-1) – Even I didn’t see this one – 6 TDs on a bum ankle.
San Francisco 17 @ New Orleans 31 (-4.5) – One more point and I would’ve had the ridiculous over.
Atlanta 9 (+7) @ Carolina 24 – The Falcons are back down to Earth.
Buffalo 31 (-8) @ St. Louis 14 – I hope you took my advice to take the younger Trent.
San Diego 28 (-8) @ Oakland 18 – And Al Davis stiffs another head coach.
Washington 26 @ Dallas 24 (-10.5) – I should’ve applied the Dog Premium.
Baltimore 20 (+6-WIN) @ Pittsburgh 23 – I’ll take the winnings for taking the points and ignore the explosion of offense.

Nothing like going 7-6 ATS to get the season record back to .500 at 29-29-2. I won’t mention the over/unders are sinking like a rock to the tune of 3-4-1.

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That is the number of games the Brewers must win to bring the World Series trophy to Milwaukee. The trip will begin in Philadelphia on Wednesday. The bad news is CC The Great won’t be available until Thursday after the short-rest complete game today.

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2008 NFL Week 4

Let’s hope the byes improve the situation of 22-23-2 ATS and 3-3 O/U.

Green Bay (+1) @ Tampa Bay – Stat of the week; Brian Griese is 3-0 against the Pack.
Minnesota @ Tennessee (-3) – Did I mention I love defenses lately?
Philadelphia (-3) @ Chicago – The Bears are DONE!
Denver @ Kansas City (+10) – Given the lack of defense the Broncos have, it’s too many points.
Cleveland @ Cincinnati (-3.5) – The Game of the Weak.
Houston @ Jacksonville (-7) – The nightmare continues.
Arizona @ NY Jets (-1) – Favre is still indestructible.
San Francisco @ New Orleans (-4.5) – Take Dirty Rice over Rice-A-Roni and take the over-48.
Atlanta (+7) @ Carolina – Once again, too many points to give considering the road team has won the last 5.
Buffalo (-8) @ St. Louis – I didn’t know Trent Green was still in the league.
San Diego (-8) @ Oakland – It’s the same old story, same old song and dance.
Washington @ Dallas (-10.5) – The Injury Discount has been applied.
Baltimore (+6) @ Pittsburgh – I’d be surprised if there were more than 6 points scored. Take the under-34.

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Mediocrity returns

It was a painful week. Let’s review.

Dallas 27 (-3) @ Green Bay 16 – Everybody else was leaving the game with injuries.
Tampa Bay 27 (+3) @ Chicago 24 – Grease beats alcohol.
Carolina 10 (+3.5) @ Minnesota 20 – Defense still wins games.
Detroit 13 @ San Francisco 31 (-5) – Let’s review the smashing – San Fran beating the Lion Cubs by over 15 – check. Under 47 total points – check. Bad news – Matt Millen is no more.
Kansas City 14 @ Atlanta 38 (-6.5) – 186 yards rushing; yep, the irresistable force ran over the movable object.
Oakland 23 @ Buffalo 24 (-10-LOSS) – OH SO CLOSE!
Houston 12 @ Tennessee 31 (-5.5) – What rude hosts. I sure hope you took advantage
Cincinnati 23 @ NY Giants 26 (-13-LOSS) – At least the over/unders are back to last year’s form.
Arizona 17 (+3) @ Washington 24 – Some days you’re the dog, some days your the milk bone.
Miami 38 @ New England 13 (-13) – While that may not be the real Dolphins, I believe that’s the real Pats sans Brady.
St. Louis 13 (+10) @ Seattle 37 – Real nice for the Seahawks to show up just as I gave up on them </sarcasm>.
New Orleans 32 @ Denver 34 (-6-LOSS) – Inept playcalling from the Saints was, however, required.
Pittsburgh 6 (+3.5) @ Philadelphia 15 – Unfortunately, I took the wrong D.
Jacksonville 23 (+4.5) @ Indianapolis 21 – Tony Dungy is wondering whether the RCA Dome is still open.
Cleveland 10 @ Baltimore 28 (-3) – NewBrowns fans are chanting, “We Want Quinn!”
NY Jets 29 (+8.5) @ San Diego 48 – I should’ve gave the points.

7-9 ATS and 2-0 O/U puts me at a suckitude 22-23-2 ATS and 3-3 O/U. No wonder why I didn’t post much this past week.

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With the Brewers’ 5-1 win over the Cubs and the Marlins’ 6-1 win over the Mets, the magic number to the playoffs is now two. HOORAY BEER!

Tomorrow, it’s Ben Sheets against Ted Lilly in a Fox regional Game of the Week in glorious 720p HDTV (going out along with the perennial Yankees-Red Sox, Royals-Twins, and Nationals-Phillies matchups; sorry ESK, even with a likely rainout in Boston and possible rainout in Philadelphia, I doubt you’ll get the Crew) at 2:55 pm. The good news is the Brewers have rocked Lilly this year (1.22 WHIP, .892 OPS, 4.82 ERA). The not-so-good is Sheets got rocked even worse in his sole home start against the Cubs, something not experienced in his road starts against them.

Meanwhile, Johan Santana will be going on 3 days’ rest against the Marlins’ ace, Ricky Nolasco at 12:10 pm. notes that the last time Santana went on short rest, he gave up a run in 5 innings against the Yankees in the 2005 ALDS. That is, of course, assuming they get the game in; there is a 90% chance of rain in New York tomorrow, and they’re talking buckets’ worth.

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Gagne to give away 5,000 tickets to tonight’s game

I just caught this on JSOnline’s DayWatch from Don Walker…

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Eric Gagne bought 5,000 tickets to tonight’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates and plans to give them away.

“Tonight we’ll be playing one of the most important games in franchise history, and I can think of no better way to thank the fans than giving families an opportunity to pack Miller Park,” Gagne said in a statement released by the team. “No matter what happens over these next four games, I want everyone to know that I think the world of Brewers fans. Three million times they have walked through the gates this year and none of us on the field takes their support for granted. We’re going to have some fun out here, and I know that the atmosphere will be electric.”

Beginning at 3:30 p.m., fans can go to to request up to four tickets. Click on the “Gagne Giveaway” graphic to go to the ticket request page and enter Gagne as the password when prompted.

Fans requesting the complimentary tickets will be subject to a one-time $2 fee for printing their ticket order at home, or a $4 per order fee for picking at Miller Park will call.

Tickets are first come, first served.

Hooray Gagne!

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Wisconsin Timber Rattlers to become Brewers’ low-A-ball affiliate

(H/T – Crainer in the comments)

The Milwaukee Brewers will announce that they have reached a multi-year player development deal with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers in suburban Appleton at the Timber Rattlers’ home, Time Warner Cable Field in suburban Appleton tomorrow at 11 am. This will replace the West Virginia Power in the Brewers’ minor-league lineup.

The Timber Rattlers have been affiliated with the Seattle Mariners since 1993, back when they were known as the Appleton Foxes. The franchise has existed since 1958, and has previously been affiliated with the Washington Senators (1958-1959), Chicago White Sox (1960-1986), Kansas City Royals (1987-1992).

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Harris likely out for the season

(H/T – PaulNoonan)

The National Football Post broke the news that Al Harris may have suffered a ruptured spleen last night. If that is confirmed in a second opinion, Harris will be done for the year.

JSOnline’s Greg A. Bedard has a couple of more details, including the discovery of blood in Harris’ urine that prevented his return last night and the fact that Harris’ agent, Jack Bechta, is a contributor at The National Football Post (though he was not the author of the piece).

The biggest effect of losing Harris will come against teams that have multiple competent receivers, like the Cowboys have. A cursory look at the schedule suggests that the Colts, Saints, Panthers, Texans, Jaguars and Lions have multiple competent receivers. Not all of them have quarterbacks that can exploit Tramon Williams (cough, Lions, cough), and some of them would likely beat the Packers anyway (the Colts and Jaguars come to mind). Meanwhile, I don’t expect teams like the Bears (twice), Vikings and Buccaneers (mostly because their receiving corps isn’t exactly healthy) to be able to take advantage of this.

While it’s not as big as losing Aaron Rodgers would be, it’s still a significant loss.

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