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Please remove me as an author of this blog, effective immediately. For some reason, WordPress won’t let me do it.

Thank you.


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Why I’ve Gone From Fan to Who Cares Regarding The Crew

I’m done with The Crew. Fuck ’em. This is a mail in job if I’ve ever seen one. I know politics don’t have space in this blog but it’s important… on.

On the biggest day of the biggest event to happen under the Attanasio ownership, you, Mark Attanasio decide to attend the $28,500/head fundraiser for Obama. Fine, it’s your money and he can do what you want. It’s my money and I can do what I want to do,too…which is, spend my money elsewhere. I co-owned four behind your box for 41 games. In the Obama language, let me say this….”No mas….adios, pendejo”.

Save yourself some money and do not bother to send me my renewal forms. It ain’t gonna happen. Maybe the government will buy them for you. If my name was Ryan Braun, I would demand a trade. How could I play for an owner who supported raising my tax rate?

Maybe your boy, Obama, will guarantee a trade to a winner. Of course, since you love the Demtards so much, Mark, I’m sure you could persuade them to enact legislation to insure that all teams make the playoffs. Hell….maybe that way you could win one.

I knew you, Mark, when you would have never skipped the opening game of a Cubs series as a Brewers owner…it goes way back to before you were an owner. We were both just punk V.Ps. Goes back away…doesn’t it, to the old Drexel days. FWIW….I was a bank rep from Singapore with an idea which, to your credit, you declined with style and grace.

Guess you’re just pandering now. Well, I don’t need you and you certainly don’t need me. We’ve both changed, I guess but I’m not the guy who owns the team.

BTW… Don’t call me when you need an emergency pilot (note: It never happened nor will it ever as long as the FAA says I’m safe to cheat death on a regular basis).

Sorry to bring the politics into this fine start-up Sports Bar but that’s what sports bars are all about…the ability to pissed off with your buddies who have your back.

As I’ve always said since Barry Alvarez came to Madison regarding the Brewers: Go Badgers!!

Nothing you have done, Mark, has changed that. Go have a Chablis.

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Monday Night Football

I think Rush had it right today. He lamented that tonight’s game was on ESPN…as he said (more or less) Monday Night Football is not about the football game. It’s about the three guys who happen to be at a football game.

So far, Jaws is taking a few very well “disguised” shots at Tony “The Punk Who Never Did Shit In His Life” Kornheiser (aka from now on as “The Punk”). Get The Punk out of the booth and you would have something.

ABC…are you taking note?

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Calling All Former Bartenders

All former and wannabe bartenders please check in. If we have an email and a screen name, we can get you to “bartender” status which will give you the opportunity to post. Of course, you can always comment.

Chris, if you’re following this, you are welcome to be here if you wish.

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New Categories Now Up

Added Categories

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New Home

The old Wisconsin Sports Bar is now here. We’ll get the old bar up to speed, hopefully by tomorrow with all the old members.

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