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Those Brutal Badgers

Good Lord, how bad can this get?

UW has its less-than-one dimension offense on display once again at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, along with its papier mache defense and its woeful punting game — hey, I think I found the Packers’ next punter, he’s kicking for UW now, even worse than Derek Frost — in bumbling and stumbling to its fourth consecutive loss in Big Ten play.

I never thought I’d be nostalgic for the likes of Darrell Bevell, Mike Samuel and Brooks Bollinger, the pedestrian QBs recruited by Barry Alvarez. But after watching the horrible Tyler Donovan last year, and the equally pathetic Allen Evridge and Dustin Sherer this year, I’ll take Bevell, Samuel, Bollinger, Jim Sorgi and John Stocco. All they did was win games.

Oh, and P.J. Hill is hurt. Again. The Second Coming of Anthony Davis, another UW running back who lacked physical and mental toughness. It’s why John Clay is the Badgers’ best RB. And if the Boy Genius can’t see that, maybe Alvarez should find someone who can.


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2008 NFL Week 5

I’m still on the road (in fact, I’ll be above the road by kickoff unless the flight’s delayed), so no witty commentary or replays of last week. Besides, I think I blew chunks. No matter; it’s another week of NFL football, and there’s plays to be made.

Green Bay (+1.5) @ Seattle
Detroit @ Minnesota (-13)
Chicago (-3/under 43.5) @ Atlanta
Oakland @ New Orleans (-7/over 47)
Baltimore (+4) @ Indianapolis
Cincinnati @ NY Jets (-9.5)
Carolina (+1.5) @ Tampa Bay
Miami (+3) @ Houston
St. Louis @ Washington (-14)
Jacksonville (+3.5) @ Denver
Philadelphia (-5) @ San Francisco
Dallas @ Arizona (+5.5)
New England @ San Diego (-5)
NY Giants (-8) @ Cleveland

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2008 NFL Week 5

If at first you don’t succeed in busting .500 (29-29-2), try, try again (especially since I need an over/under sweep to snap the 3-4-1 slump I’m in). As always, the point spreads come from Bodog, and if you use these picks to gamble, you didn’t get them from me.

Atlanta (+3.5) @ Green Bay – The Packers have a serious problem stopping the run, and the Falcons have a serious running back.
Chicago (-3.5) @ Detroit – Meet the new GM, same bad players and coaches as the old GM.
Minnesota @ New Orleans (-3.5) – All the Saints have to do is stop the run, and they’ve managed to do that pretty effectively.
Indianapolis @ Houston (+3.5) – What’s with all these 3 1/2-point lines? There’s no place like home.
Tennessee @ Baltimore (+3) – The name of the game is defense. Take the under-33.5.
San Diego (-7) @ Miami – We knew that LT was a good-throwing running back, but who knew Ronnie Brown could throw? No matter; Miami can’t otherwise run, and San Diego knows how to stop trickery.
Kansas City @ Carolina (-10) – I hope you didn’t pick up Larry Johnson after last week’s performance.
Washington @ Philadelphia (-6.5) – There’s no respect for the Redskins. Of course, the return of Brian Westbrook may have something to do with that.
Seattle (+7.5) @ NY Giants – You may like the points, you may want the points, and if you’re scared, you’ll get the points…BUT YOU’RE NOT GONNA NEED ‘EM! There’s too many wideouts in Seahag Green.
Tampa Bay @ Denver (-3.5) – It’s the battle of ex-Al Davis employees. It’s all about the altitude.
New England (-3) @ San Francisco – Ask the Texans what happened to the last team to face the Pats after they lost to the Dolphins.
Buffalo (+1.5) @ Arizona – There’s nothing like playing the weakest division in the NFL to get one rolling.
Cincinnati @ Dallas (-17.5) – What we got here is a failure to communicate.
Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville (-6) – The Injury Discount has become a fire sale. Take the under-37.

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Dog eat dog Week 4

It was a dog day afternoon and evening last weekend.

Green Bay 21 (+1) @ Tampa Bay 30 – I should’ve gone with the Stat of the Week.
Minnesota 17 @ Tennessee 30 (-3) – Quote of the Week – “We still have a chance to go 4-12.” – Titans LB Keith Bulluck
Philadelphia 20 (-3) @ Chicago 24 – Who let the dogs out?
Denver 19 @ Kansas City 33 (+10) – I believe I said something about a lack of defense – 198 yards and 2 TDs for Bust-Of-2007 Larry Johnson.
Cleveland 20 @ Cincinnati 12 (-3.5) – And the BenGALS are that weak.
Houston 27 @ Jacksonville 30 (-7-LOSS) – Was I talking about Houston’s nightmare or my overtime nightmare?
Arizona 35 @ NY Jets 56 (-1) – Even I didn’t see this one – 6 TDs on a bum ankle.
San Francisco 17 @ New Orleans 31 (-4.5) – One more point and I would’ve had the ridiculous over.
Atlanta 9 (+7) @ Carolina 24 – The Falcons are back down to Earth.
Buffalo 31 (-8) @ St. Louis 14 – I hope you took my advice to take the younger Trent.
San Diego 28 (-8) @ Oakland 18 – And Al Davis stiffs another head coach.
Washington 26 @ Dallas 24 (-10.5) – I should’ve applied the Dog Premium.
Baltimore 20 (+6-WIN) @ Pittsburgh 23 – I’ll take the winnings for taking the points and ignore the explosion of offense.

Nothing like going 7-6 ATS to get the season record back to .500 at 29-29-2. I won’t mention the over/unders are sinking like a rock to the tune of 3-4-1.

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